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I'm Loreen.

I love books.


As a child I loved to browse museum shops because the books there were very different from those in the library – they were big and heavy, with thick paper, great bindings and best of all – they had fascinating pictures and graphics. I was in love.


And the love continued.

I began working in bookstores and then during my design studies I focussed more and more on books. I wanted to create books that everyone would like to pick up and look through.


After my studies I happily worked for almost 10 years for an art book publisher whitch allowed me to design books together with photographers, artists, galleries and museums.


And now, with my experience and knowledge I would like to go further.

My journey with books keeps evolving, the love continues.

I am specialized in editorial design.

In the field of printed matter I'm experienced in conception, design and creation, placing great value on typography, materials and quality.

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